An Eye Opening Book

 Devastated when Jarrett is taken from her, Kate has no choice but to pick herself up.

Pulling herself up, Kate takes on Jarrett’s motion picture empire.

What is glamorous on the surface quickly turns ugly.

Rife with sexual atrocities, Kate draws on her rancher toughness to

 hunt down the men who raped her friend.

In the end, Kate makes the men pay.

Reader Remarks

 One of the perpetrators mysteriously castrated - FANTASTIC! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. 

- Cyndi B.

 Hot DAMN! The bastards caught. One castrated. The other his testicles crushed. Great. Wish that happened to my attacker.

- Rosemary V.

 Love how Kate caught both rapists, especially how she squeezed the sperm sample from the second perpetrator. Made his eyes bug out. I bet that hurt. I love it. Good for her. 

- Dorothy D. 

  This book’s only too poignant. My sister was raped. Man never arrested. Swore he was not guilty. 

- Wilma S. 

   Unfortunately, too common. As a nurse in a hospital, you learn quickly when to take another elevator when you see ‘so-in-so’ grinning gropper in the car. The last thing you want is to be rubbed and grabbed in the wrong places by some surgeon who thinks he’s the God’s gift to women. And they’re not! 

- Jeanie B. 

  This book has it nailed. Not only is sexual assault common in the entertainment industry, business executives think we are there for their pleasure exclusively. 

- Gabriela K. 

Winner Takes All


 Widowed, Catherine Clairolyn Clark Sinclair is forced to take charge of her deceased husband’s vast billion-dollar empire. Consumed by all that entailed, Kate delayed her dream ride from the north end of her restored ranch to the southernmost boundary, as her great-grandfather had done so many decades before. Ignoring the fact she was in her third trimester, Kate made the rugged journey. Against all odds, the shaken and badly jostled baby she was carrying was born normal and healthy. With barely a minute to spare, Kate continued dividing her time between the all-encompassing corporate demands and her emotional ties to her newborn son. Widowed, Kate was drawn to a pilot strikingly similar to her deceased husband both in looks and demeanor. Their relationship was flourishing when Kate’s life was shaken when an Academy Award winning director drugged her and attempted to rape her. Fighting off his advance, Kate was on the mend when she learned her lead senior actor suffered a near fatal heart attack. When his family ignored the older man, Kate stepped in. While caring for him Kate was devastated when Erica, her closest friend, was brutally attacked. Beaten and sexually assaulted, Erica clung to life.

Angered, Kate set as her goal to identify Erica’s attackers. Putting aside her recently acquired high fashion ways, Kate reverted to her rancher heritage and came down hard on the men and their testicles. Ignoring their smirks of accomplishment of violating a female, Kate crushed the men in the only way she knew how and didn’t stop until they were convicted. On attaining her goal, Kate learned her dream pilot had been less than faithful. Giving him the boot, Kate discovered that a man in plain view had been her real love all along. Now pregnant, Kate let’s go of the past and married the one man who treated her with kindness. 


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