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 Statistically one half of the population will sometime in their life be diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease - CAD.

If you are a male over 55, slightly overweight, out of shape, and hooked on a diet of greasy foods, and smoke you are a prime candidate for Coronary Artery Disease. 

If you are female over 60, in menopause, weigh more than you should, are less than in shape and prone to eating whatever you want, you too are a prime candidate for CAD.

Heart Seizures is my twenty plus year chronicle of living with Coronary Artery Disease. I did not have to have CAD and neither should you. If I knew before I suffered my first heart attack, what I learned following that heart attack, I would not have had that first heart attack and the eventual triple-by-pass operation.

With conscious daily management, you too can defy the odds of contracting a heart related event, namely a heart attack. If you have had a heart attack and pulled through, there is life afterward; a good life in fact. Well managed, your life can be filled with tomorrows without chest pains. You too can live more than the commonly accepted 6 years between Heart Seizure Events; Heart Attacks.


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