Audacious lady rancher confronts Beverly Hills tycoon.

Fifth generation rancher committed to restoring her ranch to the largest in the state is set upon by a billionaire developer out to grab a chunk of her land for his own personal gain.

Kate Clark grew up in the shadow of her father and became the man her brothers could never be.  Running the ranch with an iron fist, Kate was content with her manly ways until discovered floating naked in a mountain lake by mega developer Jarrett Sinclair.   On seeing the woman who caused him to gasp, he made it his goal to go after her and bring out the sensual person he sensed was hidden within her.   He succeeded in bringing her out, but at an incredible cost.

Reader Remarks

Heroine, Kate Clark has inner strength.  I love it.  I wished more women stood up to men the way she does.  I can hardly wait to see what she does in the sequel.  I’m sure it will be earthshaking.    
- Constance H.

The author captured the heart ache and emotional distress I experienced when I learned my man suffered with CTE, the brain disorder caused by the concussions he suffered playing football.  As with Jarrett Sinclair, his radical mental swings were devastating to him and the people around him.  What a price he paid for playing the game he loved.  
- Janet F.

I admired how Kate stood by the man she loved as the effects of CTE slowly ate away at his brain.  She had good reason to leave him after discovering he was the one trying to break up her ranch, but didn’t.  
- Dorothy C.

  Oh wow!  Two strong willed people having it out.  The classic battle between the sexes, but better.  She won.  

I loved it.  Give me more.  

- Gretchen D. 

  The director of medical foundation in the book has an ego even bigger than the director of the group I work for but leave it to Kate, to rein him in.  

Good for her. 

-  Francine H.

 The collection of characters I love.  Their differences made for interesting reading. 

 I could not put it down. 

 I can hardly wait for the sequel.
- Mary S. 

About the Book

A scintillating, fast-paced, confrontation between a fifth-generation rancher, and a dashing, charismatic rogue, out to get whatever he wants.  Kate Clark was content with life on her Montana ranch, until she met billionaire playboy Jarrett Sinclair, a meeting that forever changed her life.  Following in her father’s footsteps, Kate wrangled cattle, bulldogged steers, and broke horses with the best of men.  She had her life neatly laid out.  She was going to marry her neighbor and acquire the remaining properties she needed to restore the family ranch to the largest in the state.  Everything was going as planned until Sinclair received pictures of her swimming naked in a mountain lake.

Overwhelmed by her beauty, Sinclair went after her with a passion.  He lavished her with affection.  Her life could not have been more exciting.  At the same time, she got wind that an anonymous developer was scheming to break up her ranch for a colossal resort they sought to build.  In her fight to save her ranch, Kate was forced to take on roles she never wanted while dealing with Sinclair’s amorous advances and deteriorating health.  Sinclair kept his identity as the developer secret as he quietly struggled with the ravages of CTE, the life-threatening football- related brain injury.  While caring for Sinclair, Kate suddenly learned he owned the company bent on destroying her ranch.  On discovering that, she was torn between abhorring him as the developer and comforting the gravely ill man she hopelessly loved.


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