The Author

J. Saltwick

 The first novel from a seasoned writer captures the essence of two diametrically opposed personalities with conflicting objectives who fall hopelessly in love.  Drawing on five plus decades of marriage the author writes of living from the heart with a deep understanding of business and farming.  With formal education in both business and psychology and years of experience managing a business he created, he combined the two disciplines to create his characters.   Characters that are real and not what readers would encounter in their everyday life, but fascinating all the same.  People, it turns out, who are focused, and not easily deterred, from their private goals, until love gets in the way.

Raised on a farm and familiar with having to get up with the dawn and turning in only after all the chores are done, he grew up familiar with the demands of farming and rural life. He combined that with years in college acquiring both bachelor’s and master’s degrees and even more years creating and managing a business